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16 Anne Hathaway Movies

Do you like Anne Hathaway and her movies? Here is a list of Anne Hathaway’s best movies from past, present, and future.

  1. “Princess Diaries” series – A normal every day girl discovers she is princess.
  2. “Alice in Wonderland” – Alice returns to Wonderland to help the Mad Hatter and friends battle the Queen of Hearts.
  3. “The Devil wears Prada” -A girl scores a job with one of New York’s biggest publishers.
  4. “Ella Enchanted” – When Ella was born she was enchanted, but one of the enchantments has her obey every command given to her.
  5. “Get Smart” – Maxwell works in admin for a government agency. When the agency is attacked, he gets paired up with a true spy to investigate the attackers.
  6. “Love and Other Drugs” -Maggie is a free spirited woman who does not get tied down, but meets her match in Jamie and a relationship evolves.
  7. “Bride Wars” – 2 best friends end up booking their wedding on the same day and become rivals.
  8. “Valentine’s Day” – A story of different couples and singles in the L.A. area on Valentine’s Day.
  9. “Brokeback Mountain” – 2 cowboys form a strong relationship in the summer of 1963 while in the midst of sheepherding.
  10. “Hoodwinked” -The twisted story of Red Robin Hood and a new take on what happened in the story.
  11. “Becoming Jane” – The story of the writer Jane Austen and her relationship with boy Tom Lefroy.
  12. “Passengers” – A grief counselor working with a group of people from a plane crash finds herself in a mystery when people being to disappear one by one.
  13. “Havoc” – 2 girls want to experience the gangsta life in East L.A. first hand, and get themselves in too deep.
  14. “Rio”
  15. “One Day”
  16. “The Silver Linings Playbook”